Self Service Price:

$1.50 for FULL 4 Minutes.

Quite possibly, it is the lowest price in the USA. We want you to enjoy washing your car here. No need to be rush, use the pre-soak, foam brush, wax, spot free can do it slowly, take all the time you need. Even you spent 8 minutes to do it, it only would cost you $3.00.

Touchless Automatic Prices:

$3.00 for a Basic Wash. That includes Under Body Wash + Soap + Rinse + Rinse Again + Spot Free Rinse + Blow Dry.

You may add $1.00 to have double amount of soap (The spray bar would go around the track for one more round for spraying soap), or add another $0.50 for Wax (instead of rinse with water, the machine would rinse with wax.)

The way our Touchless automatic works is simple and effective: The machine gives your car lots of top quality soap, and then rinse of the soap with lots of powerful high pressure water, and then the machine rinse your car again with very clean spot free water, finally, it blow dry your car with powerful blow dryer. 


Top Quality Chemicals:

In Auburn Car Wash, we use the best soap available in the industry, and we never stingy about putting out soap into our machine! We guarantee the soap you get from our wash gun and foam brush is always strong and foamy

Quick Response time:

The pre-soak, wash soap and wax comes out of our wash gun right away after you switch the dial. 

Fresh, Soft, High-Pressure Water:

All the water we use in Auburn Car Wash is freshly conditioned SOFT water. The soap works best with fresh soft water, it is going to clean your cars better, and it is better for the cars' paint, too.

We use new generation CAT plunger pump to power our high-pressure water, it produce smooth and super high-pressure water from our wash gun. Our smooth water stream makes you wash your car easily, and our super powerful water makes you wash your car faster. You get the best of both worlds.

Ultra Clean Spot Free Rinse:

Rockford Auburn Car Wash uses Reverse Osmosis Technology to make our Spot Free Rinse water. The Spot Free Rinse water you get from our wash guns and Automatic Car Wash Machine is as clean as the bottled water in supermarket, and it dose do as it says: It leaves no spot on your water after it dries!

Powerful Vacuum Cleaner:

Our powerful vacuum cleaners use 3 ultra powerful motor instead of only 2 in most car washes, that is 33% more powerful than most of car wash vacuums.

Clean & Safe Environment:

Attendant on site everyday during day time except rain. Our friendly attendant makes sure our machines and equipments are always work at its best, the place is always clean.

This lovely car wash has been in Rockford for 15 years, during these time we are in the neighborhood, Auburn Car Wash is always loved by our customers for our nicely maintained equipments, reliable machines, good price, safe and enjoyable environments, and friendly staffs.

So, come to wash your cars here! You will love it.